3DO Imaging System


3DO Imaging System


3DO Foot Imaging Technology provides a variety of information about foot mechanics that other methods like plaster castings, optical laser and pin-driven systems cannot provide. 3DO is the only 3D system that gives you the ability to perform both 2D & true 3D statics AND dynamic gait analysis. Our exclusive three-dimensional imaging technology axquires unique neutral joint positioning information by analyzing motion (velocity – degrees/second), pressure (linear force), mass displacement, body balance and 3D plnatar surfacing.

Why 3DO is better:

  • Offers both 2D & true 3D static AND dynamic gait analysis
  • Consistent neutral positioning using cutting edge software
  • Data is much more accurate, reliable & consistent than other methods
  • Scans are extremely quick & easy to perform

With 3DO, the patient’s feet sink into an extremely sensitive imaging pad, compressing electro-conductive media lying below the top cover. Over, 1,500 24-carat gold sensors relay the information to the 3DO imaging software. By doing this, results are greatly improved and return rates reduced to an industry low of 1% as compared to much higher known return reates (as high as 22%) using plaster, foam box, laser, and pin driven technology. In addition, lab technicians are able to see exactly what the scanning technician sees in the software, improving accuracy and eliminating guesswork.

The 3DO method looks at five physical properties when determing how to control the foot:

  1. Mass displacement analysis
  2. Motion (gait) analysis
  3. Pressure analysis
  4. Body balance analysis
  5. 3D plantar surfacing

What is included

  • 3DO Digital Imaging Pad with USB Connection (you provide the computer)
  • Software and License (no monthly or annual licensing fees)
  • Online Documentation
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • 1 Year Full Warranty on Imaging Pad
  • Free Software Updates

Save time

No extensive training is required, no long drawn out seminars and no need for extensive reference materials. Within minutes, we can train you or your staff to scan patients and prescribe custom orthotics. Let the hardware and software do the difficult work – that’s why this system was created.

Save effort

There are no complicated prescription forms to fill out – just point and click to make any modifications you need.

Save money

There are no costs involved for casting materials or foam boxes. Computer scans involve no materials whatsoever – saving you money.

Save space

Forget about storing foam boxes or casting materials that waste valuable and expensive office space. All your casting information is in the computer.

Save mailing costs

There are no costs or foam impressions to ship and you run no risk of your patient’s materials being lost or damaged in the mail. All your information is transmitted instantly with a touch of a button.

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