Delcam iQube Mini

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iQube Mini.png

Delcam iQube Mini


Scanner Specification

  • Portable w/ soft carrying case included 
  • Lightweight 
  • Accurate to within +/- 0.015 inches
  • 1 mm accuracy
  • Captures foot, foam box impressions and casts
  • Provides a full color 3D image

iQube is a simple but powerful 3D scanner specifically created for use in designing custom orthotic insoles.

iQube provides you with a versatile tool to produce high quality orthotics and insoles and improve the quality of service you are able to provide to your clients.

It allows you to scan what you want, when you want and how you want.

Whether you need to scan a foot, a cast or a foam box impression, iQube can produce a high quality 3D image in approximately 3 seconds, saving you time and improving the quality of the output.

Using technology developed for the Aerospace industry, the iQube obtains a high level of detail using laser and multi camera configuration to produce a full color 3D image that is accurate to within a hair’s breadth.

This high level of accuracy means that you get the custom orthotic right first time and minimize the inconvenience to your client.

iQube allows the foot to be scanned in non, partial and full weight bearing positions, allowing flexibility dependant upon the patient’s needs.

The scanner is lightweight and compact, making it fully portable and comes with an optional carry case, allowing you to use it at different locations and transport it with ease.


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